Reflections on the competition day



Hey guys, wassup? We will tell what we think about Y.E.S.T.E.R.D.A.Y. Yesterday was really tiring but we had fun together. We wanna share our story with you guys. So, we feel great, amazing, and fantastic even though we didn’t win the competition. You know guys it was really fun because we try something new from the competition. We all think we did our best but some of us think we answer hasitantely and although we did our best some kids best are better than our’s. We had fun becoz we meet new friends from TPRA. If you ask we wanna try again we would answer of course, cuz we want to get new experiences in Bali and hopefully we could win the competition next time. There’s some interesting thing that happened yesterday which was the code breaker round that was quite challenging and when Gavin smacked Sarah’s head at the playground #LOL . If we get another chance to compete in BMC, we would study harder. So, that’s about it. Bye! XOXOXO. : ) 😀



Hello everybody. We are from Mounimg_1421taineers group. And we would like to share our experience during the Bali Math Competition. We had fun at Bali. We were
happy and honored because we could participate at Bali Math Competition. It was very fun at the Bali Math Competition. Everything was very interesting, especially the pass back round, because it was very unique. We also made some new friends. We did our best, but we didn’t win. We guess we weren’t trying enough. If the school kindly give us another chance to do this again, we will surely participate again. We liked this competition because it made us learn to “think out side the box”. This time we didn’t win, but we are glad to be able to participate, and this loss give us the experience and lesson to try harder next time. We hope if we can participate to this competition again, we could win and make our school proud. 😉


Pi Landersimg_1423-2

Hey guys, we would love to tell you about our experience in Bali Mathematical Competition. The Bali Mathematical Competition was very fun. the Pi Landers tried our very best in the competition. We met a lot of beautiful girls, and one of them liked Moty. Also the volunteers at the competition were all beautiful and handsome. Some of the questions were hard and some were easy. We loved the competition. Moty got 4th place in the individual round, but sadly 4th place doesn’t get a trophy.  Other than that no YPJ students/teams won any awards. But we are very happy that we got to compete in the Bali Math Competition. Maybe next time we’ll compete again  and try our very best to win. We hope that someday YPJ will bring home a trophy from Bali Math Competition. Overall, the competition was great.



Hey, this is the highlanders. We are going to tell you about our experience while
we participated in Bali Math Competition. We are very happy about the competition. The competition was very fun for us, especially while we do the codebreaker round. We all tried our best. If we had a second chance, we will try again and win! The most interesting thing that happened during the competition is we’ve met some of the students from another school. Over all, we had a fun time in Bali.



We felt great and excited, because we learned new stuff, a new experience that’s
hard to get, and got many challenges to increase our knowledge. We learned math from our great teachers from the International School and YPJ KK. We also had great and fun things from Mr. Aron. Being in Bali is very fun, because we learned new things. Our friends are friendly, so we made a lot of new cool friends. We think the most interesting thing from the competition is Code Breaker Round. Actually we had no idea about this round, but now we know. We tried our best for this competition. It’s ok for us when we win or lose, because we knew that we did our best. That’s why we believe that there are many chance for us to win in the future. If you ask us do we want to try again, we would like to try. We hope we make our school, family, and friends proud.


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Meet the Teams


Hello! We are the mountaineers. The members are Aida, Azka, and Nathan. We are so happy that we managed to get here, to compete for our school. We are so excited for the Bali Mathematical Competition (BMC). We hope we could win and make our school proud. Wish the best for us! 😀


Hi there! we are the KUALAZZZZ… KUALAZZZZ’s members are Sarah + Amira(or Ayna) + Azalia….. Right now, we are in Baliiii!!!! Why are we in Bali? Cuz we are competing in BMC or Bali Mathematical Competition..(we’re so happyyyy:D) We wish that we could win this competition.. But, if we don’t win this competition, this will be a great experience for us…We’ll try our best to win, and make ourselves, our parents, and our school (YPJ KK) proud of us.. So, wish us the best!! Thx:D


Hey! We’re the Pi-landers. The members are 7th graders Moty, Afifah and Afida. We got picked to participate in the Bali Mathematical Competition. We hope we got the brains to win this thing. We’re so happy we got picked. We’ll try to do our very best in this competition. We are from YPJ TPRA. Wish us luck!


Wassup! We’re the Highlanders. The members of our team are Maura, Rachel, and Hilmy. We are going to compete in the Bali Mathematical Competition. We are very nervous but also very happy in the same time! For us, win or lose is doesn’t matter. The most important thing is we have try to work together as a team. Wish us the best! 🙂


Greetings… We’re the lowlanders. We are Gavin, Violina, and Shifah from 8th graders of YPJ Kuala Kencana. The purpose we are joining this competition in Bali, to make our school proud and to get experience. We think this competition will be hard. So before this competition start, we learned a lot about math and get a new math skills from our special and beautiful math teacher called Mrs. Woro. Thank you for our teacher, family, and friends that gives us the strength and confidence. If your reading this, we ask you to pray for us and may God bless you all.h 😉

Senior teams prepare for the competition with MZS students on Friday






 The competition will be held on Saturday, Nov. 12 on the campus of Bali Island School (formerly Bali International School)






Bali Island School


The Griya Hotel

The following pictures are from the last trip to BMC in October, 2014.

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Practice resource for junior teams

Practice resource for senior teams